Innovation, Sustainability, Architecture & Construction

The recognition of Graphenstone’s work has been awarded around the world in categories such as:
Quality, Innovation, Construction, Environment or Product Design.

"Business Quality"

European Association of Economy & Competitiveness. Spain - Dec. 2018

"Corporate Social Responsibility"

Andalucía Management Awards. Spain - Nov. 2018

“Germany Trade & Invest Award for International Expansion”

European Business Awards. Belgium - Apr. 2018

"Gold Star to Professional Excellence"

Andalucía Excelente Awards. Spain - Nov. 2017

“Niche company of the year”

ACQ5 Global Awards. UK - Jun. 2018

"Product Design, Commercial and Industrial"

London Design Awards. UK - Nov. 2017

“The Best Sustainable Element”

Best Sustainable Product Award. Denmark - Oct. 2017

"Innovative Construction Solution of Spain"

Technology Awards - La Razón. Spain - Nov. 2017

"Environmental Commitment"

Andalucía Excelente Awards. Spain - Oct. 2017

"Innovation and Sustainability in Construction"

Beyond Building Construmat. Spain - May. 2015

"Innovation Product"

Green Interior Awards. Australia - Jul. 2017

"Architecture and Construction"

IX/XI NAN Awards. Spain - Nov. 2015 y 2017

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