Naturalness is accompanied by health care. Graphenstone produces materials that help to live better and make our home a healthy environment, away from the harmful components of conventional plastic products.


A range of products that are as eco-friendly as they are healthy and free of harmful substances. Our goal is to achieve the well-being of people and the positive impact on the environment.


As natural as a second skin of each person in their home. Familiar spaces are created and at the same time distant through the continuity of the material in the walls, floors and ceilings... Familiar yet different spaces are created through the continuity of the material in the walls, floors and ceilings; surrounding, cozy and pure spaces..


Looking for permanence in time, Graphenstone coatings endure beyond the ephemeral fashions and planned obsolescence; always getting architectural spaces.


The beauty of lime is reflected in the nuances that appear during its application, the marks of the spatulas, the trowels, the irregularities that are recognizable by sight and touch, producing a sensory experience.


The innovation with graphene fibers has been the fundamental axis of the birth of Graphenstone materials. Thirst and the desire to reach the unexplored and a product that nobody had imagined before.


Wabi-sabi is a Japanese aesthetic term that describes a type of aesthetic vision based on “the beauty of imperfection”. Combining attention to the composition of minimalism, with the warmth of objects from nature.


Graphenstone products are created looking for the artisan origin and the good work of past generations. The lime used is selected by hand and cooked in a wood oven in a millennial process and with a sustainable life cycle.

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